EHS Concert Orchestra to Host “Coacello” Concert

courtesy of Edina Orchestra

courtesy of Edina Orchestra

Jenna Simon, online editor-in-chief

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This Friday, May 4, at 7:30 PM, the Edina Concert Orchestra (ECO) will put on its first ever “Coacello” concert. The new musical event will showcase the orchestra in a casual outdoor setting and give its members a chance to show off their talents in the form of instrumental arrangements of popular songs.

“We wanted something that would target younger audiences,” ECO Leadership Council Member Madeleine Kellick said. “Band has POPS and choir has Current Jam and Happenings which are really cool, good productions, and we want to show that orchestra can do that too,” ECO Leadership Council President Sarah Collier said.

Planning for Coacello first began at the end of the 2016-17 school year. “We started really broad and just threw out ideas and tried to figure out what we were really looking for and what we wanted to get out of the concert,” ECO Leadership Council Member Gillian Northrup said. Since then, the Council has worked hard figuring out the final details necessary to execute the concert, including making posters, choosing set lists, and receiving the necessary permits from the city to perform music late at night. “At a minimum, in person, we probably meet once a week during lunch times to work on stuff, except for now we’re meeting about every single day to really finalize details,” ECO Director Nick Gaudette said.

When planning Coacello, orchestra members were able to tailor the concert to highlight their own strengths and personalities while performing. Most students volunteered for the different roles they play throughout the concert. “The groups that are performing are performing songs that they know they’re good at, and I think it highlights everyone’s best,” Kellick said.

The concert is meant to attract people who would not normally attend an orchestra concert. “It will allow people in the community to come and stop by and see what orchestra’s all about instead of having to come to a two-hour performance,” Collier said. In addition to one or two traditional full orchestra pieces, Coacello will feature small ensembles playing rock and contemporary music. Some highlights of the concert will include the “Stairway to Heaven” arrangement for cellos, the EHS Jazz Combo, and a performance by Atomic Cafe, a student band, with backup from Concert Orchestra string players.

Coacello will be held outside of Edina High School near Door 5. Tickets can be purchased in the cafeteria this week during all lunch periods.

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EHS Concert Orchestra to Host “Coacello” Concert