Edina Orchestras to Hold Kid-Friendly “Pajama Concert”

courtesy of Nick Gaudette

courtesy of Nick Gaudette

Maren Naegele, manager

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Need an excuse to wear pajamas to a concert? Well, now you have one: the annual Edina Orchestra winter Pajama Concert! Activities start at 5:00 PM including face painting, puppet shows, sweet treats, and an instrument petting zoo where anyone can test out violins, violas, cellos, and basses. Performances will start at 6:00 PM, centered around the theme “Learn to Fly,” in the Edina High School Commons by 150 EHS students from the 9th Grade Repertory, Sinfonia, and Varsity orchestras, and even the 8th grade Orchestra from Valley View, starting at 6:00 PM.

The EHS Orchestra puts on this interactive night every year to attract a younger demographic, and to get them interested in and familiar with musical instruments in hopes that they will choose to participate in orchestra, band, or choir in high school. The Pajama Concert is unique in that the whole Orchestra dresses up in their PJ’s and plays kid-friendly pieces that they normally wouldn’t perform, such as Disney and pop songs. It is also an opportunity to decorate the stage with fun props and to display the students’ musical creativity. “This concert is something that all of orchestra looks forward to, because all students, even those who don’t play in the concert, get to help out with ‘the orchestra petting zoo’ and help with face painting and other activities that engage kids and get them excited for when they get to play instruments,” senior Kat Hulbert said. Students have been preparing since the beginning of the school year and are just now finalizing songs and choreography for the upcoming performance.

Tickets cost $5 for adults, and are free for children 12 and under. Everyone is guaranteed a night full of music, dancing and good company.

*Additionally, look out for the May 4th Orchestra Performance ‘Coachello’ for another fun, interactive performance! This conference will be different than the PJ Concert as it will be performed outside and with less kid-friendly  music.*

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Edina Orchestras to Hold Kid-Friendly “Pajama Concert”