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Will Schwinghammer
Will Schwinghammer is currently a junior at Edina High School. He is very excited to have made the scwitch from being a schtaff writer as a sophomore to being the editor of the humor page as a junior. Schwinghammer guarantees he will produce a schwag humor page each month for the student body’s reading pleasure. He schwears by it! On a typical day in Zephyrus, you can find Schwinghammer falling off of a schwivel chair, schporting his favorite schweater, and showing off his fancy Schwatch Watch. When he isn’t having a schwell time writing for Zephyrus, Schwinghammer enjoys schwaying in hammocks with his friends, listening to his favorite Taylor Schwift jams, and playing with his pet schwan, Sean.

Will Schwinghammer, humor editor

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The official news site of Edina High School.