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Syd Pierre
Staff Writer Syd Pierre stands at an impressive height of 5 feet and ½ of an inch and can be seen around EHS wearing either black, blue, or grey colored clothing. When she’s not at the hockey rink, she can be found either in her room, doing homework at her dining room table, or falling asleep on her couch at approximately 7pm on Friday nights. She can usually be spotted drinking the same type of tea out her large assortment of mugs and likes to think that she’s a carb connoisseur. Syd can frequently be heard obsessing about her love for the Boundary Waters, canoe trips, nalgenes, and rain. She’s also a lover of dogs, long sleeve t-shirts, sour cream, rain jackets, YMCA Camp Warren, freshly cut grass, black leggings, and candles. She’s a proud supporter of pineapple on pizza and boasts an impressive collection of unfinished friendship bracelets. Syd has a small hoard of fourteen journals in her room but, in classic Hufflepuff fashion, she chooses to only write in one of them; using her all time favorite pen, the Pilot G2 0.5 mm, with an extra fine tip. Syd is looking forward to a great sophomore year on Zephyrus and would like to remind you all to “hydrate or dydrate!”

Syd Pierre, staff writer

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