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Max North
Eenie meenie meinie moe, catch a tiger, by, his toe. Oh, Hi, didn’t see you there. I’m Max, and I now own you and everything that belongs to you. I am the sports page editor around these parts. Now, the only way you remain in Zephyrus is by following the New World Order. What’s the New World Order you ask? Here it is, it’s real simple, turn in your articles on time, or I will kill you. Haha, not really. Although a lot of that was fake, I am the sports page editor (For now). You can often find me sitting at home wasting my youth away, or at my church doing various activities. I am very unathletic but I like to pretend I’m good at sports, and I do the same with writing. Now get back in line… If, he hollers, let him go. My mother, told me, to pick, the very best one, and you, are, it! *Crying*  *Gory noises* *Screams* *Donuts being eaten*

Max North, sports editor

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The official news site of Edina High School.