Lily Jones
On July 2, 2001 the world changed forever when a gentle stork carried Lillian Jones from the heavens and dropped her in the the always exciting suburbia of Edina, Minnesota. Some of her biggest accomplishments since then include making the C3B soccer team in 8th grade, dropping out of both band and choir, being the second alternate on a lyrical dance team and sharing a birthday with Ashley Tisdale. Her goals for junior year are to (1) challenge someone to an impromptu dance off at homecoming (2) Learn how to stop making awkward eye contact with people in the hallway and (3) pass one or more of her classes. Her most famed quote is “'You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take -Wayne Gretzky’ -Michael Scott” -Lillian B. Jones. She aspires to one day earn the trust of "Metro Boomin." In her free time she likes to research if jet fuel can melt steel beams, why Barry from the bee movie was dating a human woman and how many innocent gorillas were shot before and after Trump’s candidacy began. In twenty years she will most likely be the lady driving around with politically aggressive bumper stickers while blasting emo-rock and with a cat in the passenger seat instead of a husband. You can catch her in the halls of EHS with coffee in one hand and unfinished homework in the other. She is a firm believer that nothing is real and that “time" is a concept made up by the illuminati. If you listen closely you can hear her mumbling the lyrics to “Jesus take the wheel” at any given time.

Lily Jones, page editor

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