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Jenna Simon
Jenna Simon is currently studying furiously during her junior year at EHS, in hopes of cementing a firm and tasteful legacy for her school. She has yet to miss her favorite weekly occurrence, the Collab Time Forums, and even sneaks in if she arrives too late to get her ID scanned. Jenna currently plays clarinet in the band. At least, we think it’s a clarinet, but frankly no one’s quite sure what that thing is. She also spends time as a Cymbal Lady with the Marching Band. In addition, Jenna is extremely dedicated to her group of youths, and goes on frequent out-of-state trips in order to meet other such youths. Jenna has never gotten a ticket for exceeding the speed limit. On the contrary, multiple police officers have pulled her over to ask if she’s okay due to her extremely slow driving. Jenna is a devoted student, or so she thinks. Her ACT study tactics for this year include attempted learning by osmosis and committing her Princeton Review book to memory. While she’s never scored in the single digits on an ACT, she neglected to mention her lowest score. Jenna is looking forward to starting the school year, knowing that her grit will help her leave a lasting legacy at EHS.

Jenna Simon, news and politics editor

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