Eva Hadjiyanis
Eva Hadjiyanis isn’t your average junior that’s outgoing, smart at math, and a band geek, because she has the most crazy obsession with Harry Potter and isn’t afraid to show it. Infact, she was the first American EVER to get a letter by owl and received a wand from Ollivander personally (not the lame one you can buy at Barnes and Noble). She also prides herself in being a Hufflepuff, “who values hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play” according to Pottermore (the website where all Harry Potter nerds hang out). Don’t be surprised if she starts running through the halls bragging about it. Eva leads a busy life with not a minute to spare, living life to the fullest while letting nothing hold her back, well almost nothing. Her spirit animal is a seal, an animal of land and sea, so it makes sense that her biggest fear is airports. No, not flying, just airports. Known for her passion of reading, if Eva gets her license (provided she doesn’t kill anyone in the process) her first stop will be to her local Barnes and Nobles to pick up any book she doesn’t already have, if that is even possible. Also, if she knew she only had one day left to live, the last crazy thing she did before dying she said would be, “to break into the library and tear out every last page of every book.”

Eva Hadjiyanis, page editor

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