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Ellery Mahlum
Standing 5 feet and 11 inches tall, Ellery Mahlum can easily be spotted around Edina. When she’s not on a midnight mission to Jerry’s to indulge in her unhealthy addiction to Talenti Ice Cream, Ellery enjoys traveling to foreign places, going on 30 day backpacking trips (without her phone!), binge-watching New Girl, and of course spending Monday nights to hang out with her friends and criticize the decisions made on ABC’s Reality TV Show the Bachelor and Bachelorette. If you have ever spent time with Ms. Mahlum you would know that while we may not understand it, she loves to go on long (8 miles at a time) runs; perhaps this may be because she is an Edina Super Star Athlete. There is no saying whether or not she takes her Nordic career as seriously as she does to her Cross Country career, because although she may never admit to it, she rarely ever shows up and when she does it’s usually just to play in the snow. But who can blame her, it’s not like Minnesota has snow for 7 months....On top of being such an incredible athlete, Ellery also happens to be a Yoga Master! (Seriously though, she is amazing).  You can always count on her for a late night adventure or to just have a shoulder to lean on. But overall, Ellery is a fun-loving, adventurous, spontaneous, hardworking, friendly, and your go to gal.

Ellery Mahlum, features editor

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