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Cecilia Orth
Cecilia Orth wants to live in a world filled with handwritten birthday cards, no Donald Trump, and no judgement for listening to Christmas music year-round. Cecilia, better known as “CC” is a Hufflepuff, an introvert with great hair, and a new Zephyrite. She is the new voice of the people. Sorry people. CC does not know how long she’ll remain on Zephyrus because being a professional procrastinator and Netflix junkie are the only jobs she has managed to keep over her idle 15 years of life. When CC does leave her downstairs bedroom, commonly known as her “dungeon” you can find her outside painting her nails, at a party (if there’s food), stepping on crunchy leaves, or sitting in the car waiting for her song to finish. Because CC owns the two cutest dogs in the world, whom she’s emotionally attached to, expect her to arrive 10 minutes later due to the dangerous distraction they pose. She has created an official email for the amazing people that would like to contact her - [email protected] . That means you, mom.

Cecilia Orth, staff writer

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The official news site of Edina High School.