First Day of School Pep Fests 2017

photo by Uma Bhati

Zoe Cheung and Uma Bhati

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Check out some highlights from the first day of school pep fests. Welcome to the new EHS sophomores and freshmen!

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About the Writers
Zoe Cheung, photography editor
Photography Editor Zoe Cheung, known to friends as “Private Pyle” and to enemies as “that one annoying flautist,” likes to think that she’s pretty cool. She spends most of her time either taking pictures of the moon or stressing that her moon pictures aren’t as cool as NASA’s moon pictures. Zoe is always easy to...
Uma Bhati, photographer
When she’s not marching in Edina’s Marching Band or preparing for a DECA competition, Uma Bhati can be found smashing birdies on the badminton court and henna-ing for her closest friends. She is secretly good at playing the ukulele and also has a secret fear of butterflies. Seriously though, who has a fear of butterflies,...
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First Day of School Pep Fests 2017