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EHS senior speaks in Columbia about Seva soccer

Maddie Kopiecki, staff writer

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 Edina senior Tara Gupta is president of Seva Football, an organization dedicated to helping bring soccer to underprivileged girls and minorities abroad and in Minnesota. In Gupta’s own words, “Soccer helps underprivileged kids develop teamwork and other skills. We’ve started two leagues in India and Vietnam, and South Minneapolis where girls don’t have opportunities to play.”

As a result of her efforts, Gupta was selected to attend the second World Summit for Youth Volunteering in Barranquilla, Colombia. The conference involves 700 outstanding youth volunteers from around the world. Over the course of three days, from November 3-5, youth volunteers will give speeches, work on building a strong network of communication, and expand their current charity groups. Representatives of groups attending are from places including Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, and many other countries.

At the conference, Gupta will talk about programs and projects she has been involved in, as well as promoting the importance of sports. When asked what she was doing to prepare, Gupta stated, “I’m writing the speech and getting other people’s views on it. I need to make sure the thesis is strong, and I have to start memorizing the speech.”

On their trip to Allahabad, India in 2008, Seva Football worked with Crosthwaite Girls School. They distributed donated equipment, served as coaches, and at the present time, they are building a field where the new girls’ soccer teams can play. Seva also collaborated with an organization in Vietnam to bring soccer to underpriveleged girls there as well. Girls in both these countries don’t get opportunities to play sports.

Closer to home, Seva Football volunteers coach children in South Minneapolis. “On one hand, it’s really fun, but on the other, it’s sad to see what their schools are like and that we are the only way they get to play soccer,” Gupta said. Seva Football also collects donated sports equipment to give to underprivileged children.

Seva Football helps children who would otherwise not have the chance to play sports. Having a representative of Seva Football going to the World Summit of Youth Volunteering is a celebration of the accomplishments of the group, as well as a great opportunity for the growth of the Seva Football.

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EHS senior speaks in Columbia about Seva soccer