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Come Jam at EHS Concert Choir’s Current Jam

Julia Nicholson, staff writer

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The Edina High School Concert Choir will hold their annual “Current Jam” concert in May to end the year on a high note. Complete with dancing, costumes, and an array of different modern numbers, Current Jam is unlike any other choir concert and is considered by many to be the highlight of an EHS singer’s choir experience.

“It’s different because we’re not singing choral pieces, we’re singing [modern] fun songs and we’re dancing and wearing costumes, and all having a good time on stage,” senior concert choir member Gigi deGrood said.

For the concert’s 45th anniversary, the set list is filled with numbers like “Brown-Eyed Girl” and “Eye of the Tiger” that are going to be easily recognizable to both the students and parents who come to the show. In addition, long time Current Jam fans can look forward to hearing “Time of Our Lives” and “Everyday,”  two songs that have been performed at every show since their introduction in ‘77 and ‘82 respectively. And more often than not, parents, alumni, and students alike return year after year to watch some of the best voices at EHS showcase their talents in a variety of ways.

Read all about DH, EHS’ retiring choir teacher of 20 years!

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“There’s moments where students showcase their individual talents, in small groups. Overall, it’s really just a showcase of talent and it’s a really really fun show to go see,” junior Concert Choir member Joey Deegan said.

In order to make the seniors’ last concert at EHS the best one yet, Concert Choir has set aside a lot of time to learn the material and practice it to perfection. Right after performing their winter concert, they started learning their numbers for Current Jam. “Up until the first show, we’re just going to keep on running it and keep on critiquing each other. It’s just all about learning, and not a lot of people have dance experience, so we have to get there,” Deegan said.

Not only is it the last Current Jam for members of the senior class, but it is long-time EHS choir teacher David Henderson’s final Current Jam as well. Having conducted Current Jam for almost 20 years, Henderson, or “DH” as the students call him, has contributed to a lot of what makes the show so entertaining.

Come see the seniors and DH give it one final go at Current Jam on May 30-31 and June 1-2 at 7 PM, and June 2 at 1 PM in Fick Auditorium!

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Come Jam at EHS Concert Choir’s Current Jam